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East Counselor's Daily Schedule


Daily/Weekly Schedule:

Morning West Hall Duty: 7:40—8:05

East Lunch Duty: 12:25-12:46

Bus Duty: 2:50-3:05

Tuesday 2nd Grade Counseling Classes: 8:30-11:05

Thursday 3rd Grade Counseling Classes: 8:30-11:05


Welcome back for the 2021 School Year!

East Elementary counseling classes help meet the needs of the whole student.

School Counselors can help children:

Understand and develop a positive self-image

Show respect for the feelings of others

Understand the decision-making process

Maintain effective relationships with peers and adults

Gain an understanding of the world of work

Develop effective study skills

I am excited to begin a new year!



Vicki Littke

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