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Daily Schedule

My daily schedule. . .

I teach reading, language/grammar, writing and spelling to my students and Mrs. Green’s students.

8:00-8:30       Arrival Activities (Tardy bell rings at 8:05)

8:30-9:30       Reading

9:45                Recess

10:05              Spelling

10:30              Language/Grammar

(AR time is given when work is completed and we have free time)

11:00-11:15   SWITCH classes (My class goes to Mrs. Green until 2:45 p.m.)

                       Mrs. Green’s class comes to me at 11:00 a.m.                                   

11:15-12:10   Reading

12:05-12:30   Lunch for Mrs. Green’s class

12:10-12:35   Lunch for Mrs. Cummins’ class

12:35: 1:00     Drop Everything And Read (DEAR time, silent reading for AR)

1:00-1:30       Spelling    

1:30-2:10       P.E. or Music

2:10-2:30       Language/Grammar

2:45                SWITCH classes (Mrs. Green’s class goes back to her, my class                                   comes back to me.)

2:50               Pack mail into backpacks and be ready for dismissal

3:00               Dismissal (shuttle bus riders dismiss 2:55) all other students at 3.



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