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Daily Schedule

Chaplin's Daily Schedule 

8:15 Mrs Smith 2nd

9:00 Mrs. Sossoman 2nd

9:30 Mrs. Allen 2nd

10:15 Flanigan/Archibique 2nd

10:45 Lunch Duty

11:35 Mrs. Ward 2nd

12.00 Mrs. Hardin 2nd

12:30 Lunch

1:00 Planning Period

1:30 Mrs. Bell 2nd

2:15 Mrs. Bass 3rd 

2:45 Bus Suty






Dana Chaplin

Upcoming Events

Distance Learning Ideas for Mrs. Chaplin's Readers

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*Read anything you choose for 15 minutes a day‚Äč

Practice spelling your sight words (play school with brother or sisters)

Log into IXL and click on Language Arts (it has activities for our digraphs, combinations, sight words, contractions, compound words)

These are only suggestions 

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