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Class Schedule

Class Schedule



8:00  Bell Rings/Morning Work/Calendar


8:05-8:15 Announcements/Pledge/Moment of Silence


8:15-8:55 Specials


8:55-9:55 Reading/Vocabulary


9:55-10:25 Spelling


10:25-11:09 Grammar


11:09-11:32 Lunch


11:32-12:10 AR


12:10-12:30 Recess


12:30-1:30 Math


1:30-2:00 Handwriting


2:00-2:45 Science/Social Studies


2:55 Bus Riders

3:00 Car Riders


Monday Homework: Journey Reader and math facts

Tuesday Homework: Reading passage and math facts

Thursday Homwork:  Flucney passage with comprehension questions and math facts

Reading and Spelling Tests will be on Fridays